Become a CASA

Thank you for your interest in working as a volunteer with CASA of Gratiot County. Our volunteers work closely with children involved in abuse and/or neglect cases, biological family members, foster parents, court employees, paid staff of the CASA program and other parties involved in a court case.

In every role, volunteers’ function under the same expectations as paid staff in terms of work attendance, dependability, adherence to established work procedures and compliance with professional standards of conduct. In turn, volunteers are assigned meaningful work. Becoming as a CASA volunteer is a very rewarding experience.

The questions in this application are asked for the purpose of preliminary assessment of your qualifications as a CASA volunteer. This volunteer application contains much of the material included in paid staff applications, but with some differences. The information requested in Section II will provide a basis for your evaluation of qualifications as a volunteer. The information in Section III is essential to determine final approval of your application in regard to any previous law violations or treatment history.

While information requested in Section III is not an automatic barrier to final acceptance, it will be assessed and discussed with you regarding its relevance to your work as a CASA volunteer and may be reason for rejection if it is found to pose a risk to children. The information is requested to expedite the application process.

If you have any questions about completing Section II before learning if you will be accepted as a CASA volunteer, please contact the coordinator of the CASA program.

This application is the first step towards learning more about the CASA program. After the application is reviewed, we will schedule an interview which will be about 1.5 hours long. The screening process continues throughout the 30 hours of training, and concludes with a post-training interview. At that time either party, the volunteer or the CASA staff, may request to have the application withdrawn.