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Gratiot County Substance & Suicide Prevention Program


GCSSPP (Gratiot County Substance and Suicide Prevention Program) was founded by the Gratiot Collaborative Council in 2005 to help address the need for substance abuse prevention services in Gratiot County.  Since that time, the coalition has gathered additional information about the nature of the problem of substance use and abuse in Gratiot County and developed programs and services to help address the need.  In 2010, Child Advocacy became the fiduciary for GCSSPP.  Child Advocacy provides supervision and acts as a fiduciary for prevention dollars.  Through this partnership, the coalition has become more effective and is being looked upon as a leader of change and advocacy in the community.  

What is gcsSPP?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to collect and share data in order to develop and implement prevention strategies which will result in community collaboration to reduce the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or other substances among youth and adults.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower individuals in Gratiot County to choose a healthy, safe way to work, play, and live.  This will be accomplished by collaboration among organizations, agencies, and government.

Who are we

GCSSPP is a collaborative countywide decision-making body of community members that convenes monthly to address the issue of substance abuse prevention needs for Gratiot County.

What we do

The coalition does the following in order to identify substance abuse prevention priorities and to determine effective substance abuse prevention strategies for Gratiot County:
  • Coordinates substance abuse prevention (SAP)
  • Collects SAP local data
  • Creates policy
Additionally, the coalition uses the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Strategic Prevention Framework as the basis for our activities. Below is the pictorial view of this process.

*To join the coalition or for more information on GCSSPP call 989-463-1422 or visit our website at