Baby Pantry Holiday Wish List

The Baby Pantry provides free baby, toddler, and
preschooler items for all Gratiot County residents
with children aged 0-5.

Baby Food (cereal & jars)
Baby Soap & Shampoo
Burp Cloths
Diapers (newborn, 5, 6, 7)
Formula (purple & yellow)
Fruit/Veggie Pouches
Maternity Clothing
Nursing Pads
Preemie & Newborn Outfits
Training Pants
Wash Cloths

Donations may be dropped off to Child Advocacy
(515 N. State St., Alma) by appointment. Due to the
uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions, please call us in
advance at 989-463-1422.
Thank you for thinking of us this holiday season!